Tree Maintenance

Tree trimming and garden maintenance in Central Queensland


Enjoy the cool shade, clean air and vibrant beauty that healthy trees provide. Our skilled arborists trim excess vegetation from your plants and shrubs to ensure lush foliage that enhances your patio and outdoor entertaining areas.

We also offer routine landscape care, storm cleans and palm pruning—enjoy rich, appealing gardens that showcase your property from one season to the next. Contact us today for a free quote.

Trimming & Pruning

Harry Walker Tree Services maintains your landscaping, so you can enjoy perfectly shaped bushes, hedgerows and full, leafy trees that look amazing, year-round. Arborists prune just outside the branch collar, where trees heal quickly. Our team uses secateurs, long-reach pruners and saws to remove unnecessary growth.
Look out the window and admire your stunning gardens!

Hedges and border shrubs can be contoured to match surrounding architecture, complement a fence line and provide natural privacy. Call us for a quote today.
Tree Cutting — Tree Services in Lakes Creek, QLD


Mature branches can become unstable from bad weather, insect infestation and disease. Ditch those dangling boughs in a jiffy with our lopping service!

Our tree surgeons do the operating, using elevated work platforms, saws, ropes and pulleys to safely access and remove limbs before they can become an issue. This will:
  • Protect your home & family
  • Preserve your trees
  • Circulate air
  • Improve visibility & sunlight
Trust Harry Walker Tree Services to cut down branches without damaging your trees. Call today for a free quote.